Never miss a beat.


We teach children ages 4-10 how to express themselves through the power of play with personalized in-home music lessons using the instruments of your choice and the music you prefer.

Never miss a beat of your child’s journey with our signature audio & video playback of each session so that you can track their progress online and enjoy memories that will last a lifetime.


What we do

We provide all our customers with a private, personalized webpage regularly updated that documents your child's progress with professional audio recaps, hi-definition photos, and our signature "PlayItBack" instant replay videos so that you'll never miss a beat...regardless of your location.

Why we do it

Our hope to inspire a lifelong love of music, creativity, and learning. All too often, traditional approaches to music instruction feel like dull, forced experiences. Not only does it discourage young learners, but further colors their experience with it. Your child's initial enthusiasm for music should be encouraged and developed.

How we do it

By teaching music your child intrinsically gravitates toward, creating a supportive, immersive experience that drives creativity, and by setting goals together that they are excited to accomplish. This methodology builds confidence and gives your child the capacity to share and express themselves in a healthy, articulate way.