At what age can my child study music?

Most children can start private lessons as young as 3 or 4 years old, depending on their attention span, interest, and developmental readiness. Some instruments, such as guitars or drums, are more tailored to students 7 years old and older, mostly because of the size of the instrument and physical development of the student.

What instruments do you offer?

Acoustic, electric, and classical guitar

Acoustic & electric bass

Acoustic & electric piano/keys

Drums & percussive instruments.

What instrument should my child study?

If your child does not have a predisposition toward a particular instrument, it is recommended that all students begin with piano/keys in order to develop a solid foundation of music theory and technique.

It's also easier for a child to produce a sound on the piano and doesn't require an established music ear to produce a correct sound. Additionally, the linear and regular placement of piano keys helps one to understand the rules of music notation.

However, I have found that walking your child through a music store is incredibly helpful. Watch what excites them the most. Put aside any personal opinions or cultural expectations. Even if they don’t select your ideal instrument, they will be enthusiastic about learning something that excites them.

Should I have my own instrument for lessons?

Yes. We recommend you have an instrument that you are comfortable with, however, you can switch anytime since our teachers’ are trained multi-instrumentalists. In order to see results in the shortest amount of time, students must practice outside of their scheduled lessons

How long will I need to take lessons?

The period of time that a student is enrolled varies. The more a person wishes to learn the longer they will take lessons. The basic fundamentals can take about three-five months to learn on average, however; music is a science that can be studied for a lifetime.

Do the teachers teach you to read music?

Yes. You will learn to read music and develop a solid foundation of music theory. Remember music is a language, just like English, except the musical alphabet goes only from A to G.

How does Replay choose music teachers?

Replay’s  standards for teachers are quite high. The interview process is lengthy & extensive, consisting of three face-to-face meetings. The majority of teachers have extensive experience in music, a vast teaching and/or performance background, and have likely been published. Many have had professional recording careers in addition to their teaching.

If my schedule changes; How difficult will it be to change my lesson time?

Students that are already in the program will have first choice at new times as they become available. If your schedule changes let your instructor know and they will give you top priority in moving, if an alternative time is available.

How will I know my child is progressing?

Our instructors are always willing to talk to parents about their children. Please feel free to ask your child’s instructor anything about their progress, and know that the instructor is willing to give you periodic updates.

How long and how frequent are the lessons?

Beginning children (3 to 5 years of age) start weekly with two 30-minute increments covering both a musical component and later a series of fun exercises. Beginning children (6 to 10 years of age) start with 60-minute weekly lessons, the plan being tailored on experience and developmental readiness. Since the lessons are designed around each student, your teacher may recommend a longer lesson as the student improves, or multiple lessons within the same week. It is also recommended that students practice the same amount of time daily as the length of their lesson.

May I pay for each lesson as I go?

Unfortunately no, sorry. Teachers need to be reasonably certain of their income. Lessons are billed monthly, for the calendar month, and include four lessons in each month. Several times a year, there is a fifth lesson in a month. This is reserved as a make-up lesson to be used at the discretion of the instructor, if one of the four lessons in a normal month is missed. Tuition is billed one month in advance, and is due on the 25th of the previous month; for example, tuition for the month of May would be due on April 25th.

I need to cancel my child’s lesson for today and can’t find my teacher’s phone number.

You can reach us anywhere, anytime at (610) 220-5083.

My question is not listed.

Please reach us at (610) 220-5083, or email us @ replaymusiclessons@gmail.com.